April 3: Knowing Things

Guy at Home Depot helping me load 2x8s on cart: What are you doing with these? Me: Well, I have a bathroom with three exterior walls, so I’m going to build a plumbing wall by sistering these to the studs that are already there. Me, four months ago: Would have understood none of that! ThisContinue reading “April 3: Knowing Things”

March 24: Why Not to Be Your Own General Contractor

So! I totally wanted a general contractor and I totally could not afford one. The problem with this house is that I have a pretty tight budget to both overhaul everything that needs to be overhauled and stay around what I think I could sell the house for now, which is around $130K. That soundsContinue reading “March 24: Why Not to Be Your Own General Contractor”

Catching up #3: First two weeks of March 2021

OK, a LOT has happened in March, which is partly why I didn’t get around to doing the catch-up/before posts earlier and am knocking them all out now. First, on March 1 the HVAC guys were still working and the electricians and plumbers both started. That week wasn’t great at my paying job — IContinue reading “Catching up #3: First two weeks of March 2021”

Catching up post #2: February 2021

Unlike January, which was unseasonably warm, February was brutally, miserably cold. Before that locked in I did get into my first bit of proper demo, opening up a kitchen closet that was facing the wrong way. Also, my friend came over with his chainsaw and took out a couple of small pines that weren’t inContinue reading “Catching up post #2: February 2021”

Thinking Through the Kitchen

This wasn’t really the post I’d intended — I thought I’d either do a “before” series or look at one of the rooms I demoed this week — but the kitchen’s on my mind again after a meeting about cabinets earlier today. This is what it looked like when we walked in. Superficial smoke damageContinue reading “Thinking Through the Kitchen”

Hello World?

Since I can’t actually work on the house today (it’s rising to a high of 22 late in the afternoon! and although it’s warmer inside the house than out, even with no heat, I found that my paint stripper struggled to keep up with these temperatures when I tried to work a bit last week),Continue reading “Hello World?”

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