March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?

I had half a post about getting insulation out of the attic written and I was going to post it and then the triumphant easy project became…a lot less easy. It’s happening, but it’s more in process than “finished in a day,” oh well, welcome to my house. So instead, let’s talk about the workContinue reading “March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?”

February 16: The Winter Golds

So first there was the holidays, and then I missed the house’s one-year anniversary, and then there was a bunch of stomping around and muttering about snow and ice, and what with one thing and another it’s just been a really long time. Nothing dramatic has happened, mind you. Some weeks nothing happened, really. Others,Continue reading “February 16: The Winter Golds”

November 24: The Circle of Paint

I feel pretty good overall, although I wish contractors and appraisers and so on would stop telling me how many projects there are to do. I know there are projects! That’s why I’m talking to you, contractor and/or appraiser! But no, really, I do feel pretty good. Getting all that about the kitchen off myContinue reading “November 24: The Circle of Paint”

November 15: Doors to Nowhere

HELLO, I am still here and still renovating! If you’re facebook friends with me you’ve seen the occasional picture update, and also know that actually not a ton has gotten done since I last blogged in mid August. First of all, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this fall; I’m nearing the end ofContinue reading “November 15: Doors to Nowhere”

August 1: A Porch Exists!

A quick update mostly to check in on what happened during yesterday’s work party. Mudroom: mend cement foundation outside, insulate and drywall inside, figure out what to do with the doorway finishing. (Tape and mud?) –The cement foundation mending was causing me so much anxiety that I woke up at about 4:30 am on SaturdayContinue reading “August 1: A Porch Exists!”

July 30: Dust and More Dust

I had a very grumpy version of this post I was working on earlier in the week and then my browser ate it which, frankly, is just as well. The weather turned finally, it’s gorgeous today, the kitchen is painted at last even though now I’m unsure about my cabinet color choices, and visible progressContinue reading “July 30: Dust and More Dust”

June 3/4: Progress, I swear

I’ve actually been pretty frustrated the last few weeks. It’s getting hot and I get cranky when I’m sweating; several big contractors are behind schedule because (in one case) the team got Covid and (in another) they got stuck on another job — not their faults, obviously, but still means no progress; the way thatContinue reading “June 3/4: Progress, I swear”

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