March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?

I had half a post about getting insulation out of the attic written and I was going to post it and then the triumphant easy project became…a lot less easy. It’s happening, but it’s more in process than “finished in a day,” oh well, welcome to my house. So instead, let’s talk about the workContinue reading “March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?”

July 30: Dust and More Dust

I had a very grumpy version of this post I was working on earlier in the week and then my browser ate it which, frankly, is just as well. The weather turned finally, it’s gorgeous today, the kitchen is painted at last even though now I’m unsure about my cabinet color choices, and visible progressContinue reading “July 30: Dust and More Dust”

May 18: A Tale of Three Floor Plans

I’ve been delaying this post because I kept thinking I’d be ready to post about the kitchen, but I’m just not. I really want to at least get to the stage of having primer on before I do that and I’m not…quite…there yet. But closer every day now, as I finally make real progress onContinue reading “May 18: A Tale of Three Floor Plans”

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