May 8: A little bit of trim

In this week’s episode based around recurring themes “eh, we’re not quite ready to do that yet” and also “chicken and egg,” we hung the first bit of salvaged window trim and are re-stashing the rest to wait until after the floors in the living room and dining room are done. This saga goes backContinue reading “May 8: A little bit of trim”

March 6: Experimentation

I feel like I’ve emerged from deep freeze. My day job has been exhausting lately, a state of affairs I doubt will let up until at least May. There have been days when I got zero done on the house. But the last couple of weeks I’ve made major moves forward…none of which are goingContinue reading “March 6: Experimentation”

February 16: The Winter Golds

So first there was the holidays, and then I missed the house’s one-year anniversary, and then there was a bunch of stomping around and muttering about snow and ice, and what with one thing and another it’s just been a really long time. Nothing dramatic has happened, mind you. Some weeks nothing happened, really. Others,Continue reading “February 16: The Winter Golds”

November 24: The Circle of Paint

I feel pretty good overall, although I wish contractors and appraisers and so on would stop telling me how many projects there are to do. I know there are projects! That’s why I’m talking to you, contractor and/or appraiser! But no, really, I do feel pretty good. Getting all that about the kitchen off myContinue reading “November 24: The Circle of Paint”

November 16: Reworking the Kitchen Layout. Again.

The TL;dr here is that I screwed up the kitchen design and it took me a long time to accept that and I feel mad at myself about it and also embarrassed but also better now that I have in fact accepted it and am moving forward with a big layout change. You can skipContinue reading “November 16: Reworking the Kitchen Layout. Again.”

November 15: Doors to Nowhere

HELLO, I am still here and still renovating! If you’re facebook friends with me you’ve seen the occasional picture update, and also know that actually not a ton has gotten done since I last blogged in mid August. First of all, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this fall; I’m nearing the end ofContinue reading “November 15: Doors to Nowhere”

August 8: Time to Make Some Kitchen Decisions

Stuff continues to happen! The bathroom tile is done and the plumber hooked up the toilet on Thursday. Hallelujah! …okay the bathroom doesn’t have doors right now, or a working sink, or paint, but look, that’ll all come. The mudroom tile is also done and the drywall went up in there yesterday (except for theContinue reading “August 8: Time to Make Some Kitchen Decisions”

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