March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?

I had half a post about getting insulation out of the attic written and I was going to post it and then the triumphant easy project became…a lot less easy. It’s happening, but it’s more in process than “finished in a day,” oh well, welcome to my house. So instead, let’s talk about the workContinue reading “March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?”

November 15: Doors to Nowhere

HELLO, I am still here and still renovating! If you’re facebook friends with me you’ve seen the occasional picture update, and also know that actually not a ton has gotten done since I last blogged in mid August. First of all, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this fall; I’m nearing the end ofContinue reading “November 15: Doors to Nowhere”

July 15: First Floor Bathroom Part 1

What even is this? Two posts in a week? The guy who’s putting in the shower and tiling the bathroom started yesterday, and I had to do some drawings for him, so it seemed like a good opportunity to lay out my thinking on the bathroom as it’s developed. First, a recap. This is howContinue reading “July 15: First Floor Bathroom Part 1”

March 24: Why Not to Be Your Own General Contractor

So! I totally wanted a general contractor and I totally could not afford one. The problem with this house is that I have a pretty tight budget to both overhaul everything that needs to be overhauled and stay around what I think I could sell the house for now, which is around $130K. That soundsContinue reading “March 24: Why Not to Be Your Own General Contractor”

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