March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?

I had half a post about getting insulation out of the attic written and I was going to post it and then the triumphant easy project became…a lot less easy. It’s happening, but it’s more in process than “finished in a day,” oh well, welcome to my house. So instead, let’s talk about the workContinue reading “March 19: More Layout Mysteries Solved?”

November 24: The Circle of Paint

I feel pretty good overall, although I wish contractors and appraisers and so on would stop telling me how many projects there are to do. I know there are projects! That’s why I’m talking to you, contractor and/or appraiser! But no, really, I do feel pretty good. Getting all that about the kitchen off myContinue reading “November 24: The Circle of Paint”

Hello World?

Since I can’t actually work on the house today (it’s rising to a high of 22 late in the afternoon! and although it’s warmer inside the house than out, even with no heat, I found that my paint stripper struggled to keep up with these temperatures when I tried to work a bit last week),Continue reading “Hello World?”

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